All knockouts should be in the ring

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Some people are just not understanding the seriousness  a breach of contract of this magnitude signifies , if Ruiz doesn’t fight AJ.

I won’t mention names ( ………………….. ) but some people are  saying he can vacate but keep the WBA ? Let’s examine the evidence.

* IF Ruiz should actually   breach  this contract  Matchroom will undoubtedly look to  sue and for  big numbers .

2. Ruiz legally can’t fight for belts that he has obtained through a  breach of contract. The organisations and Haymon will make sure of that. As a result he’ll be forced by Haymon to vacate them all. He’ll be expected to mitigate any possible losses so not only will he lose his belts he’ll not fight AT ALL until its resolved.

* Team Ruiz will lose the case. That’s a given. The figures were talking about would be multiple tens of millions and legal fees on top of that.

* If you think AJ won’t fight for any titles due to the rankings your living in a fantasy land. The organisations also had an agreement that AJ would fight Ruiz for the rematch with there belts on the line. Some might honour that and allow him to fight for the vacant title some might follow the rankings. However, its not as simple as going down the rankings and 1 fights 2 for the title. There’s agreements in place between organisations and matchroom. We’ve seen so many times rankings don’t mean shit and organisations quite happily bend rules to suit them. All rules go out the window in this scenario. WBO and WBA have a tendency to not follow there own rankings.

* Once Ruiz loses the case who pays the losses. Everyone on his team. You think Haymon wants to incur huge losses. Nope. It’ll be settled out of court but the damage to Ruiz career will mean he’s finished. He’d have been sat around idle for years.

* Ruiz “sorry mama we’ve got to work again I’m broke”. Meanwhile AJ is still fighting and earning money while waiting for the case to be resolved because he’s not the one breaching contracts.

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