The heavyweight divison has had its pound and dollars worth of flesh

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By Gavin O’Connor

Boxing as a sport has never been perfect but it’s one  underlying   difficult to ignore  terrible beauty was  the excitement  that come when watching  two talented boxers cross swords when the best faced  the best to a degree.

It’s true this concept has never been fully witnessed in the past and some boxing fans will believe its a view expessed  with the add of rose tinted glasses for the good old days  a view grounded in the past,

But consider  the current crop of  heavyweights  it’s  management it’s  promoters and advicers and the  facts and figures are proving not only fighter and management are more than ever removed from the sport with  their financial selfworth when considering the total lack of talent within the division  a view accepted by the  majority of the boxing fans with the exception of the new breed of political boxing fanboys .

NO wonder boxing attracts the least amount of new spectators/fans annually of any mainstream sport when the worst division talent wise ( heavyweight) is given the maximum founding exposure and held up as the pinnacle of boxing .

The financial numbers in dollars and pounds dismissed by boxer’s and boxing fans alike in regards too the heavyweight division is completely embarrassing and disgusting now when we consider the vastly superior Talent on display in other weight divisions and the wage chasm.

Sounds like boxing treason but I’m withdrawing all my support for ALL heavyweights  the division in general not that it will make a blind bit of difference.

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