The Great Lineal Myth

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By Michael wicks.
The Great Lineal Myth.
I have little doubt that if Fury had no claim to this defunct and worthless bauble, he would not be in the position of fighting for the title.
The Wilder camp and Deontay himself has made it clear they consider this would place him in the upper echelon of Heavyweights like Dempsey, Louis, Ali , Lewis  But it is a huge misconception.
The lineal title  does not exist even back as far as  Lennox Lewis , why you may ask ?  let me explain . The Following is a brief history of the modern lineage lineage and how the link(s) has been broken on multiple occasions.  It’s a simple argument and in all honesty can be highlighted from the time the rock retired.
Marciano retired and Patterson was given the lineal title. He in effect is the start of the modern lineage. It continued through to Clay who was forced into retirement. Frazier started a new line. This was broken when Ali retired. Holmes acquired the Lineal title. This line remained unbroken til Lewis retired in 2004.
Five years later in 2009 Wladimir Klitschko is declared the Lineal and then Fury won it by defeating Wlad. Once again  It was then broken when Fury retired and was stripped of his titles. Even if you consider Fury still has a claim to the title  it is only traceable back to Wlad and that’s debatable at best,   The 5 year period between Lewis and Wlad killed the continuity,  unfortunately  Wilder and some of his  fans cling to this concept and   give credence to this cynical mismatch. In  no way if wilder beats fury  does this put Wilder in the lineal heavyweight club  with the likes of  Louis Ali Johnson Sullivan and co .
Below is  the list of all lineal heavyweight  champions , right or wrong.

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