The Cult of cowardice from behind a keyboard. 

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By gavin o’connor
It takes  a special coward to be this brave.
In 1953  22 boxers were officially registered deceased  as a result of  injuries sustained during bouts over the course of that year and to  This day it still  remains the highest number of boxing fatalities in a single year   since records began.
Many Boxing  tragedies  are only remembered by family  friends historical records and the most persistent and loyal  students and page turners  of the sweet science .
Some tragedies in the ring have left  a lasting legacy , none more so than  Kim Duk-koo  the South Korean boxer  died following a world championship bout  against Ray Mancini  Kim died four days after the fight  on the  18th  November 1982. 
 Kim‘s untimely and tragic   death was the catalyst for  reform within  the sport  to protect the wellbeing  of fighters and  as a direct result of this tragedy  the number of rounds in championship bouts was reduced  from 15 rounds  to 12.
Others are not so famous but the tragedy is still no less  poignant and devastating.
Barry McGuigan “His eyes just rolled back. It was a haunting moment. I knew he wasn’t going to get up from that.” 
 Barry McGuigan v  young Ali june 1982 London
Any time you watch an interview with Barry McGuigan  when he is talking about his  fateful fight at  London’s Grosvenor House hotel  on June 14th  1982 against Young Ali “Asymin Mustapha”  even after all these  years it  is still sickenly evident and  extremely  distressing and painful to watch.
Boxing is the hardest of sports wherein  no quarter is given or asked for  but every boxer after every fight has a deep and underlying respect for his opponent(s)  if its admitted or not , why  ?  becuse it takes courage bravery nerve and daring to enter the ring and  stand in front of another likeminded individual  with only your skill  ability and  heart to  face it alone.  
just remember that next time you throw  punches from a keyboard , 
keyboards don’t hit back

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