My perfect ten

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By Michael wicks

10 Fighters  who have fascinated me in the 65 years I have been following boxing.

1. Joe Louis. I first got interested in boxing reading a pictorial article about his life. I was 11years old  and I still  remember the intense sadness when I read the Marciano defeat.Joe Louis, The Brown Bomber

2, Ray Robinson. As close to perfection as any fighter could attain. p4p perfection

3. Liston. I was still naive enough to believe a fighter was unbeatable.

4. Ali. Obviously. I would bet he fascinated most during his career.

5. Larry Holmes My favourite heavyweight.

6. Tommy Hearns. How could this stick insect generate such power.

7. Kevin Finnegan. I don’t know why. Skill and punch resistance perhaps.

8. Barry McGuigan. The first time I saw him I told my cousin I have just seen a future World Champ. Ruined by a greedy manager.

9.Kostya Tszyu. My all time favourite at any weight. Just a thrilling performer. 
10. GGG. Tremendous fighter. Will never be fully appreciated because top fighters avoided him. Also his manager was a weak link. GGG had to fight tooth and nail to get a fair deal with Canelo when Loeffler was all for accepting what was offered.

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