Wilder avoided ? F&#k yes

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The Prince of the punch  Deontay Wilder it could be argued…. should be  The king of sting, he should   be the  undisputed heavyweight  kingpin  by  now but if not  for  wladimir klitschko and  Tyson Fury  avoiding him and  making  it impossible. 

Before you puff out your chests and collectively shake your head’s   let me present the Facts….and my case .

January 2015, Deontay Wilder won the WBC Heavy Weight Championship from Bermaine Stiveren, In the ring that night he let  the world know in no uncertain terms  he wanted to unify the division  with  klitschko ,  wlad  at that time was negotiating a fight with Bryant Jennings to take place in new York at the  MSG in the  February of 2015,  during  that time  klitschko was asked about a possible  unifying fight with Deontay Wilder for the only Heavy Weight Championship title he never possessed the WBC green belt a  belt his brother held during their championship tenure .

“I think it’s a logical way to think,” Klitschko told espn.com. “The belt I never had would be nice to have. I need to say I’m in the driver’s seat. He just won the title. He needs to defend it, but I hope this fight happens sooner than later. I know he has decision-makers behind him. We’ll see what happens, but it’s a logical step to have a unification fight, absolutely yes.

“I’d rather fight with Wilder in a pay-per-view fight, and it would be nice to have another belt. But there’s one heavyweight champion for a long time. If anyone wants to get it, they need to get to me. Do I look forward to it? Yes. Am I desperate for it? No. Is it interesting for the public? Yes.

“Let’s see how things develop. Later there will be time to consider Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder fights, but now is not the time to talk about that. I cannot underestimate Jennings”

Do we know   who Waldimir chose  instead of unifing and getting the only belt he never possessed,  yes  Tyson Fury. He didn’t  even attempted  to become undisputed champion  like the many legends before him.

Many  blame Shelley Finkel because of an  article from January 2015 in which   he stated  “I wanted Wilder to develop more and take baby steps”

I believe  Shelley was protecting his cash cow in wlad  thinking  klitschko had more time after he beat Tyson Fury.

Finkel was  at the time both  Wilder and   klitschko’s manager .   So most of anything Shelley Finkel said at this time contradicts itself.

“If it was tomorrow, I could beat him,” Wilder recently told Forbes. “I’ve improved so much since 2012, and he’s declining. He’s getting older. He’s not going to be the same as he was. We know each other, and I know how to beat him. I know what it takes. He doesn’t have as much energy as I do. I’m the toughest, the strongest and the fastest heavyweight he’s faced.”

Deontay Wilder went so far as to say,  he offered Tyson Fury a title fight after beating John Molina in the hope  of taking Tyson Fury off the table and leaving Wlad as  the only option of fighting him for the undisputed championship. Even Frank Warren admitted fury  and team Wilder were in negotiations.

“Wilder won the title last weekend with a decisive victory over Bermane Stiverne and has already name checked Britain’s best ranked heavyweight – Tyson Fury – as a potential opponent. Now, Frank Warren has revealed that negotiations between the two parties have already started and the fight could come as quickly as this summer. ”

So Deontay Wilder obviously  tried to unify with   wladimir klitschko and made  an  offer to Fury. Ask yourselves, what else does this guy (WILDER)  have  to do to get in the mix with  top competition in the division and   stop being  avoided.

wladimir klitschko should have chosen  to unify with Deontay Wilder instead of his mandatory Tyson Fury .  This is why i honestly believe  Deontay Wilder is the most feared Heavyweight in the division.

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