The day Floyd Mayweather took a beating in Sparring

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By William Teller

Floyd Mayweather 50/0 self titled best Boxer of all time and 5 weight World Champion has a rule in his gym that nobody tapes his Sparring unless of course he chooses to . The reason for this goes back to the day when he was just 20 years old and allegedly out of Shape. He was thrown in for 6 rounds of Sparring with Paul Spadafora who was preparing for an IBF title defense at the time .

The outcome of the Sparring session was a very painful lesson for Floyd as he took a beating that day and a very public one as the footage from the session is freely available online .

“It’s the reason he’s never out of shape,” Spadafora’s legendary trainer Jesse Reid said some years later.

“And [why] he never lets people tape his sparring.”

Describing the action to FightHype, Reid continued: “[Mayweather’s] nose is bleeding and that eye looks like it’s swelling up, and he keeps crackin ’em.

“Finally in the fourth round Mayweather comes to me and asks me if he can get out of the ring because he says he’s tired.

“I says, ‘you ain’t getting out of the ring, you’re getting your ass kicked today to teach you for all the big mouth of you and your father’.”(Per daily star )

The rest as they say is History

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