Leonard Ellerbe Answers Questions on Davis,Lomachenko and Tevin Farmer ( Video included)

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By William Teller

When Gervonta Davis lifted the IBF Super Featherweight title with a stunning performance against Jose Pedraza in January last year it had all the hallmarks of a new star being born into the Sport. With Lomachenko also prowling around the 130 division it was looking like we had ourselves a mouth watering clash on the horizon . Considering the ease with which Gervonta had dispatched Pedraza and England’s Liam Walsh this was a young man with a World title in his hands and destiny beckoning.

Then the questions inevitably started to come ‘when will you fight Vasyl Lomachenko ‘ After various interviews with his Promotion team and Davis himself it soon became apparent Lomachenko was not going to be on the hit list any time soon . Davis subsequently lost his title after missing weight but the questions still haven’t gone away . Fight Hub Tv asked some tough Questions when  Quizzing Mayweather promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe regarding the reluctance to match Davis with Lomachenko and Tevin Farmer . I’ll detail some of them but the full interview is below

Regarding Lomachenko:

“Our priorities are Floyd Mayweather’s priorities. And we’re gonna continue to elevate our young fighters, create opportunities. Our priorities aren’t Top Rank’s priorities. You know, they’re on the fast track, they gotta rush [Lomachenko] — he’s 32, 31 ( He’s 29 )Yeah, they’re gonna rush him…[Davis] is 22-years-( ( He’s 23 )old, he just won the world title last January.

Question for me straight away is why exaggerate about the ages ? Murat Gassiev is a year older and is fighting for the undisputed Cruiserweight title

Will they ever fight ?

“If he’s around…I mean, we gonna do what we’re doing. If the two meet, great. If they don’t, it’s okay. Gervonta Davis will be the biggest star in all of boxing.”

If Gervonta becomes the biggest Star in Boxing that would be fantastic for a kid that came from poverty in Baltimore . But here is the problem for me . You can’t go around as Mayweather promotions and Davis has been doing bragging about how important being undefeated is and simultaneously being seen to be reluctant to take on all comers in your weight Division .

When Quizzed about Teven Farmer Ellerbe had this to say :

“Tevin Farmer’s doing what Tevin Farmer got to do. And he can continue to do that, wish him nothing but the best but at the end of the day, in the big scheme of things [it’s more profitable to be a star]…

“What is Tevin Farmer bringing to the table? What people [want to see that fight]? What people?…Tevin Farmer’s on what level?!…Has he been world champion yet?!…I wish the young man the best, all he has to do is continue to win. I think, personally, he’s a terrific, young fighter…If he happens to be one of the guys that we’re fighting, so be it.”

Hopefully 2017 and onwards we will  see a Mayweather promotions Team that’s ready to let this young man take the challenges his Talent and Legacy deserve .


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