Watch : As Ellerbe gives answer on the Floyd Mayweather MMA situation

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By William Teller

There continues to be a lot of speculation surrounding Floyd Mayweather and a proposed rematch with Conor Mcgregor inside the Octagon under MMA rules . The speculation isn’t without foundation as it was Floyd himself who made the Video where he was  prowling around the Cage making cryptic remarks and teasing the notion of a future MMA fight .

Social Media and others within that Sphere have gone on to suggest a Mcgregor v Mayweather fight in the Cage is pretty much a certainty but that couldn’t be further from the known reality of the situation which Leonard Ellerbe Mayweather Promotions CEO Clarifies when speaking to Fight Hype .

He does however describe Mayweather as a ‘Genius’ while remaining guarded about the MMA rumours but sheds some light on the Dana White situation and his desire to link up on Boxing promotions . He also discusses the direction and Focus for Mayweather Promotions in the Coming Months

One Certainty you can take to the Bank however is when you see Floyd Mayweather in an MMA Cage with a Paddy Power Logo in full view on his Shorts speaking directly to the Camera and directing his Comments to the Betting Giants that are  Paddy Power you can be damn sure he got paid handsomely for that

Genius indeed !

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