VIDEO : Floyd training in the Octagon!

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By William Teller

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather the man that’s made more money than any other fighter in the History of the Sport . A man who went 50/0 in his out of retirement fight against a complete boxing novice in Conor Mcgregor who managed to take the so called best Boxer ever  10 rounds before finally succumbing to fatigue .

So now we have these rumours going around of Floyd coming back to show his stuff in the Octagon


What you have here is a man obsessed with the limelight and attention it brings . If there’s one thing Floyd loves more than money and attentIon it’s his undefeated record . There’s more chance of Donald Trump inviting Hilary around for Dinner than Floyd Mayweather taking on a killer like Conor Mcgregor in the Cage . But I guess there’s millions of casuals out there just waiting to be fooled by the money man once again .

“ Fools and there money are soon parted “

image credit Business insider

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