2017 the final bell

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BY VINNIE O’CONNOR  The final bell  is nearly here the 12th  round is all most  apon us  and   as  boxing 2017 takes its last  breath and deservedly so  looks  to  slump down on the boxing stall of time in quite reflection   thinking I can  walk away with my   head held high  and feeling  pretty smug with it’s self saying “wasn’t that a great year of boxing  ” ,                                   ..     ..   but  it hasn’t all been plan sailing and boxing has had to contend with the good,   Terrence Crawford v Julius Indongo for the IBF World Super Lightweight Title
WBA Super World Super Lightweight Title
WBC World Super Lightweight Title. And the
WBO World Super Lightweight Title ,   Saul Alvarez v Gennady Golovkin for Middleweight supremacy  , the bad ,  Deontay Wilder  v  Bermane Stiverne and  Anthony Joshua v CarloTakam for Heavyweight mediocrity   and the hideously ugly   Floyd Mayweather v  Conor McGregor for boxing  cringe-ability  , but in true boxing fashion the fight isn’t over and  MMXVII has one last round , one last  combination of punches to deliver and and still one or two more great bouts under its robe, so  with  one final lung busting intake of  oxygen it  wipes the blood  tears and sweat from it eyes steadys itself for the last   time before the dawn of a new year  fresh on the heels of the somewhat disappointing outcome on  December 9th stands up moves with  grace dignity and class dips a shoulder drops for a split second straightens up and punches it’s full weight hopefully with a few more   great bouts and     punching   it’s way into  the  p4p top 10  best years of boxing history  ,  no wonder     2018 stands nervously in the wings shaking it’s head and frantically looking from side to side for inspiration  muttering under its breath  (how the f#ck can I follow that ) some shoe’s can never be filled, 2017 boxing has been nothing short of amazing and we the boxing fans are  eternally greatful we thank you .

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